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Immigration news

France joins EU-wide trend of trying to reduce illegal immigration

12:56 12/05/2005
France , which says it has between 200,000 and 400,000 illegal immigrants, on May 11 announced tough new measures to end the flow of illegal immigrants. These measures include rules to stop arranged...

Some US states to fight new drivers license law

18:20 11/05/2005
Some states are threatening to challenge and even disobey new orders from the US Congress to bring in uniform procedures for obtaining driver's licenses throughout the US which would mean verifying...

US creates special E-3 work visa for Australian citizens

12:07 11/05/2005
The United States Congress on 10 May approved major changes to its immigration law, creating a special E-3 visa for Australian citizens only. There will be 10,500 such visas available, allowing...

Spain grants 700,000 illegal immigrants legal status

14:29 10/05/2005
Spain has granted amnesty to 700,000 illegal immigrants, the Guardian reports. The Spanish Government hopes this will help to end exploitation of those working secretly in the black economy. Illegal...

Canadian employers target skilled German workers

13:20 10/05/2005
Canadian human resources specialists are eager to bring German skilled workers to Canada . They say that many skilled German workers are also interested in migrating to Canada . According to...

US tourism losing billions due to visa bureaucracy

17:33 09/05/2005
The tourism industry has warned that the US is losing billions of dollars due to bureaucratic visa procedures and tight security after 11 Sept. attacks. International tourists and foreign students,...