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Immigration news

Indian IT workers lowering UK wages, says IT group

13:21 27/12/2005
Indian IT workers are flooding the UK , undercutting local wages and raising prospects of a homegrown skills shortage, an IT association has claimed. "Wages are being undercut by companies bringing...

US state of California faces agricultural labor shortage

11:34 27/12/2005
Farmers in California's San Joaquin County, as they count up the gains and losses of the past growing season and sketch plans for the new year, regard with concern reports of labor shortages in some...

Changes to Skilled Migrant Category to benefit NZ employers

10:41 23/12/2005
A change to the way skilled migrants are selected will target top quality migrants and will increase the benefits to New Zealand employers, Immigration Minister David Cunliffe said 21 Dec. "New...

European Union again considers introducing EU work permit

14:02 22/12/2005
The European Commission on Dec. 21 unveiled new plans on economic migration to the European Union aimed at creating legal alternatives to illegal immigration. In order to boost Europe's...

Canada not interested in US border-fence initiative

11:53 22/12/2005
Canada has no interest in a new U.S. initiative to study building a security wall along the border, Canadian officials said. A cross-border business group said it makes no sense when what's urgently...

Research shows immigration good for New Zealand

9:26 21/12/2005
New research shows the benefit of immigration to New Zealand , Minister of Immigration, David Cunliffe said this week. Findings of the report showed an increased focus on attracting skilled migrants...