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Immigration news

US - H-1B Cap 25% Full for FY 2005

12:42 18/06/2004
The quota on United States class H-1B work visas for the fiscal year 2005 has already been one-quarter filled. TheAmerican Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has just provided anupdate on the H-...

UK - Suspension of Hospitality SBS Work Permits for Bangladesh Citizens

10:33 18/06/2004
The Sector Based Scheme hospitality quota for citizens of Bangladeshhas now been reached. The quota as announced on 15 June 2004 means that nosingle nationality can have more than 20% of the total...

UK - Fees increase for work permits

18:46 17/06/2004
The Home Office has announced that on 2 July 2004, the fee for Work Permits and Sectors Based Scheme applications will be increased to £153. This is approximately a 50% increase on the current fee of...

UK’s Home Office announces Cutting Edge Iris Recognition Technology to Modernize UK Border Control

14:05 15/06/2004
UK Immigration Minister Des Browne announced June 15 that the UK would soon revolutionize its immigration controls by rolling out hi-tech iris recognition systems to a number of key UK airports. The...

UK - Limits on SBS work permits announced

11:55 15/06/2004
Commencing 1 June 2004, Work Permits UK has placed a limit on the number of Sectors Based Scheme (SBS) work permits that can be issued to nationals of any one Country. This is to act as an interim...

UK - Announcement on FLR Applications

9:43 14/06/2004
The IND has announced that Work Permits (UK) are currently unable to process Further Leave to Remain (IED - Immigration Employment Document) applications on an expedited basis. If you are a client of...