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Immigration news

New EU countries no longer need Australia transit visas

13:26 28/10/2005
Australia's Acting Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, John Cobb, today announced that transit without visa (TWOV) privileges will be extended to countries that have...

Report says Ireland needs workers from outside of Europe

12:31 28/10/2005
According to the latest review of the Irish labour market, Ireland will need to recruit highly skilled workers from outside of Europe to meet skills shortages in the economy. However, the report by... achieves ISO9001:2000 certification

12:35 27/10/2005, a top immigration consultancy with one of the world's largest visa-related websites, has achieved internationally-recognised accredited certification to ISO9001:2000. Our assessment...

Commonwealth citizens could lose right to UK visa

12:31 27/10/2005
The UK's proposed changes to its immigration rules could end the traditional entry and settlement rights of Commonwealth citizens with British relatives, a newspaper said. The Times daily said that...

Migrant workers work for less in Wales

10:33 27/10/2005
Former Welsh Secretary Ron Davies says that migrant workers are paid less than local workers in Wales, and that workers from the new EU member states are forced to endure "Dickensian" labor...

Research finds US H1B visa holders paid less

15:58 26/10/2005
A recent report suggests that US employers are using the H-1B visa program to pay lower wages than the national average for programming jobs. According to "The Bottom of the Pay Scale: Wages for H-1B...