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Immigration news

Fake marriage attempts on the rise in Australia

19:00 29/12/2005
Immigration officials are faced with a sharp rise in numbers seeking Australian residence through sham marriages. The Immigration Department in 2004-05 received 1,909 allegations of contrived...

UK immigrants contribute much, but need more help says report

12:39 29/12/2005
Tens of thousands of migrant workers in the UK's East Anglia should be given more help in getting state benefits, according to a new report. Researchers estimate there are up to 80,000 people in the...

Australia's illegal immigration hotline successful

10:53 28/12/2005
Since the installation of a new hotline was established in February 2004 in Australia , 50,000 calls were made turning in illegal workers and visa over-stayers. Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone...

Europe prepares to welcome guest workers

18:08 27/12/2005
The European Commission said that it wants the EU to welcome a limited number of legal immigrants by the end of the decade. Most EU member states are resisting the plan. The commission argues,...

Turkish immigrants in Germany face tough road

16:39 27/12/2005
Behind the sterile white brick walls of Brunnenplatz school, Ahmet Ruhi Cosgun dreams of a professional soccer career - not at a German club, but at Galatasaray in Istanbul. At 15, this son of...

Asia tops Europe in Victoria, Australia migration boom

14:11 27/12/2005
Immigrants from Asia are leading a migration boom to Australia's Victoria, figures show. Almost half of the 30,581 migrants who made Victoria their home in 2004-05 were born in Asian nations. India...