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The new center of Call-Centers – the Philippines

10:05 26/09/2014
By 2016, the income generated from Call-Centers in the Philippines may exceed the income from remittances by expatriate workers to the Philippines; for decades this has been the single largest source...

UK's first Muslim Secretary of State says immigrants must learn English

15:23 22/05/2014
Sajid Javid, the first Muslim man in the UK cabinet, has said that immigrants to the UK should learn English and should 'respect our way of life'. Interviewed in The Sunday Telegraph newspaper, Mr...

India ranks first in source of overseas students to US

12:36 14/08/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News India is currently the number one source of international students to the United States , and leads the world in the number of students it sends overseas. More...

US economic and jobs statistics for August

11:59 05/09/2006
• Watch This Video During the past several months there have been numerous questions and concerns about the state of the U.S. economy . Predicting all or many aspects of the American job market and...

New UK Worker Registration Scheme Form

10:45 03/05/2006
If you are a national of one of the new EU Countries from one of the former Eastern Bloc Countries you will normally need to come under the Worker Registration Scheme . The number of people coming to...

US tech industry pushes for more H-1B visas

14:18 13/02/2006
President Bush's recent call for more visas for skilled foreign workers increases the likelihood that relief is on the way for U.S. technology firms that say they are struggling to fill key positions...