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Canadian government

Canada gladly accepts highly qualified refugees from Lebanon

11:08 31/08/2006
• Watch This Video Thousands of the best and the brightest living in Lebanon have been displaced by the recent conflict. Canada has stepped forward immediately to offer refuge status and, in some...

Canada to quicken immigration for some affected by quake

11:13 14/10/2005
The Canadian government has announced a number of new measures to quicken the immigration process for family members of Canadian citizens seriously affected by the earthquake. "The Government of...

Fewer Americans immigrating to Canada than expected

14:54 08/08/2005
Although it was originally expected that many Americans would move to Canada after US President George Bush was re-elected, that has not happened. Many Americans visited the Canadian government's...

Australia voted favorite nation in global poll

10:51 03/08/2005
Australia , followed by Canada , topped a worldwide survey of the world's favourite nations. One thousand people in 10 nations were asked to rank countries on a series of criteria, ranging across...

Canada issues warning to gay travelers

19:40 29/07/2005
The Canadian government issued a warning to gay travelers following the refusal of some governments, including the US, to recognize Canadian same-sex marriages and in the aftermath of the executions...

No influx of tsunami refugees in Canada

14:14 10/06/2005
Canadian immigration officials say a predicted wave of refugees from tsunami-ravaged South Asia never materialized, but representatives of those communities say it's because of Canadian government...