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Canadian government

Canadians disagree with granting citizenship to "lost Canadians"

17:23 06/06/2005
Most Canadians disagree with the Canadian government's May 2005 decision to allow people to regain the citizenship they lost as children without actually moving back to Canada , a newly released poll...

Many Filipinos immigrating to Canada for better future

13:43 13/05/2005
Despite its cold climate, Canada is fast becoming the country of choice for many middle-class professional Filipinos. They are leaving the tropical Philippines to immigrate to Canada in hopes of...

Canada attracting more Mexican immigrants

12:04 04/05/2005
Canadian companies are reaching out to immigrants frustrated by US restrictions. The Canadian government has been making an effort in recent weeks to attract students and skilled workers from all...

Online payments introduced for Canada immigration applications

19:30 04/02/2005
People using Canadian immigration services will be able to pay for them using a credit card over the Internet, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) reports. From now on applicants for citizenship...

Canada to strengthen language training for immigrants

15:03 25/01/2005
The Federal Government and the Province of Ontario will jointly invest C$3.4 million to improve English-language training for immigrants , Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) reported on January...

Canada - Faster visa processing for those orphaned by Tsunami

17:25 07/01/2005
The Canadian Government is looking at easing adoption rules sothat children orphaned by the tsunami tragedy can be adopted byrelatives living in Canada, the website reports. Canada'...