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The Daily Telegraph

UK Immigration opportunities as 1.3m graduates emigrate

11:43 27/08/2013
Figures released by the UK's Office for National Statistics show that there are now 1.3m British graduates living and working overseas. This is more than any other developed country. Germany comes...

Matt Damon's new film is 'a metaphor for immigration'

12:19 23/08/2013
American movie star Matt Damon has told the British national broadcaster The BBC that his new film, Elysium, is a metaphor for immigration. Mr Damon was speaking to the BBC television's Breakfast...

UK Directors say immigration is good for economy

10:34 22/08/2013
The director general of the Institute of Directors, Simon Walker, has said that immigrant workers are vital for the UK's economy. Mr Walker was responding to a speech by the opposition Labour Party's...

Right-wing think tank calls for sale of UK visas to highest bidders

14:45 05/06/2013
A group of right-wing Conservative MPs has issued a report which suggests that the UK government should raise money and diversify its economy away from its dependence on the European Union by selling...

UK's doctors and dentists criticise government's immigration reform plans

12:15 23/05/2013
The British Dental Association has joined the Royal College of GPs in expressing concern about the UK government's proposed immigration reforms. On May 8th 2013, the UK's Coalition government...

Tier 2 Immigrant nurses face jobs freeze in UK's National Health Service

9:20 22/03/2013
The UK's Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has announced a freeze on the registration of nurses from outside Europe after an internal audit found that its systems for verifying qualifications of...