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Damian Green

UK Immigration response to 150,000 illegal immigrants 'missing' in the UK

16:52 10/07/2012
Following the release of a recent report claiming that UK Immigration doesn't know where 150,000 illegal migrants are located, the UKBA insists that they have a clear strategy to identify and remove...

UK Labour Party Leader outlines new immigration policies

16:56 25/06/2012
Leader of the UK Labour Party, the official opposition Party, Ed Miliband, outlined the party's new immigration policies saying the new measures will prevent British people being "locked out" of jobs...

Critics claim UK Tier 4 student visa gives "back door" entry to the UK

12:40 14/06/2012
Migration Watch UK, an anti-immigration independent think tank, are calling for more restrictions on granting UK Tier 4 student visas , claiming that the visas provide "back door" entry to the UK ...

Universities worried about effect of UK immigration crackdown on foreign students

18:32 06/06/2012
UK immigration's plans to continue including foreign students in the net migration numbers has a "terrible" effect on the Norfolk and Norwich economy, the University of East Anglia (UEA) has said...

New figures show UK immigration still higher than government target

9:04 30/05/2012
According to new figures, migration to the UK still remains at more than double the government's target; The intention was to reduce migration numbers to "tens of thousands" by 2015. In the year to...

UK immigration to require tuberculosis screening for some UK visa applicants

14:36 28/05/2012
The UK Home Office announced that immigrants from countries with a high incidence of tuberculosis (TB) will soon be required to be screened for the disease before being approved for a UK visa. UK...