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Damian Green

UK immigration loophole allows Eurostar passengers to skip border checks

14:02 16/12/2011
The UK Border Agency (UKBA) is facing further immigration issues following news of a legal loophole that allows individuals to enter the UK without going through passport checks. The bypass is being...

UK Tier 2 work visa cap raises concerns from London businesses

18:46 08/12/2011
London businesses are postponing expansion plans and even considering moving abroad amidst fears of the UK governmen t placing even tougher restrictions on UK Tier 2 work visas, according to a new...

UK introduces online visa checks for migrant workers

17:34 07/12/2011
UK Immigration Minister Damian Green announced this week that UK employers will soon be able to carry out online visa checks to verify whether migrant workers have the right to work in the UK. The...

UK Immigration border chief resigns over relaxed border allegations

16:41 10/11/2011
The UK government is facing strong criticism after it was revealed the UK Border Agency had been downgrading immigration and visa checks. Head of the Border Force, Brodie Clark, resigned over claims...

UK reinstates minimum age of 18 for foreign spouses

19:24 08/11/2011
The UK Border Agency has announced new policy guidance after the Supreme Court declared the government's ban on non-EU foreign spouses aged under 21 applying for UK marriage visas unlawful. The ban,...

UK population increase due to immigration

12:01 04/11/2011
Official projections predict the UK population will hit nearly 75 million by 2043, surpassing Germany as the largest EU nation. This it is said will be largely due to immigration. Currently the UK...