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Damian Green

UK Tier 2 Visas: Fewer shortage occupations from 14 November 2011

16:33 19/10/2011
There will be further changes to the UK shortage occupation list. This will make it more difficult for some people to work in the UK under the Tier 2 visa skilled immigration route. The UK Government...

UK economy at risk from immigration cap

15:33 07/09/2011
The UK Government's own advisory committee, the Migration Advisory Committee, has stated that the British economy could suffer permanent damage if the Government continues to restrict non-EU skilled...

Low skilled immigration into the UK increases

11:29 02/06/2011
Low skilled immigration into the UK , mainly from EU countries, is one of the factors that has resulted in an increase in net immigration into Britain even as the Government attempts to clamp down on...

UK Immigration sees substantial increase in 2010

17:43 30/05/2011
2010 saw the greatest increase in UK immigration in five years. This is due to a big reduction in people leaving the UK and an increase in the number of Polish migrants coming to the UK. The net...

UK says immigration applications must be complete the first time for appeals

10:09 23/05/2011
As of 23 May 2011, late evidence submitted after a points-based immigration application will not be considered during the appeals process. According to the UK Border Agency (UKBA), two-thirds of...

UK Immigration Minister Damian Green claims immigration changes will reduce immigration

15:59 14/04/2011
The Immigration Minister in the UK Damian Green has said that the changes that have been brought in from 6 April 2011 will reduce levels of new immigration to the tens of thousands per year. Changes...