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Damian Green

UK student union speaks out against student immigration reforms

15:14 27/03/2012
The UK National Union of Students (NUS) have launched an online campaign on behalf of international students to protest against the UK government's immigration policies. The initiative follows a...

UK Business organisation claims stricter immigration rules are hurting the economy

13:57 20/03/2012
Following UK Immigration Minister Damian Green's comments that UK companies need to wean themselves off their 'addiction' to hiring overseas workers, UK Business organisation London First reiterated...

UK immigration Minister claims the country is "addicted" to immigrants

9:08 10/03/2012
UK Immigration Minister Damian Green claimed this week that the UK remains open to skilled immigrants but the country has become "addicted" to hiring foreign workers. "Like all addictions, it takes...

UK universities warn of negative effects of tighter Tier 4 Student Visa rules

16:29 05/03/2012
UK Universities are warning that the tightening of student visa rules are likely to prevent much needed income coming into UK Universities from international students. Eric Thomas of the group...

UK immigration to expand Biometric Residence Permits for immigrants

16:26 02/03/2012
UK Immigration is aiming to double the number of immigrants who will need to have a biometric residence permit (BRP) to remain in the UK. This will raise the number of individuals required to have a...

New rules for UK Tier 4 and Tier 1 visas for students

17:49 14/02/2012
UK immigration has announced new rules that UK immigration says will reduce abuse of the student visa route. UK Immigration Minister Damian Green announced the complete list of changes today. We have...