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Damian Green

UK immigration announces new post-study work visa for entrepreneurial students

19:37 09/02/2012
UK immigration has announced new measures to make it easier for foreign students who have shown entrepreneurial flair while studying for their UK university degrees to remain in the UK following...

UK immigration wants "brightest and best" immigrants

15:37 06/02/2012
UK immigration Minister Damian Green announced this week that the UK would be bringing in a more selective immigration policy that encourages the "brightest and best" to come to the UK. Specifically...

High Court rules immigrant spouses must speak English before moving to UK

10:58 12/01/2012
The High Court in the UK has dismissed a legal challenge to a new immigration rule requiring people to be able to speak English before coming to the UK to live with their spouse. The law was...

UK Immigration and Ireland sign agreement for enhanced border controls

13:24 30/12/2011
The UK and Irish governments have now signed an agreement to continue with the Common Travel Area, a passport-free zone that comprises Ireland, Great Britain, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands...

UK immigration loophole allows Eurostar passengers to skip border checks

14:02 16/12/2011
The UK Border Agency (UKBA) is facing further immigration issues following news of a legal loophole that allows individuals to enter the UK without going through passport checks. The bypass is being...

UK Tier 2 work visa cap raises concerns from London businesses

18:46 08/12/2011
London businesses are postponing expansion plans and even considering moving abroad amidst fears of the UK governmen t placing even tougher restrictions on UK Tier 2 work visas, according to a new...