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Damian Green

Big increase in UK immigration fees from 6 April 2011

13:10 06/04/2011
Some UK Government Visa fees will more than double from 6 April 2011. This will affect non-EU nationals who wish to live, work or study in the UK. UK employers and educational institutions will also...

MPs warn Immigration Minister on student visa curbs

19:42 22/03/2011
A committee of MPs has urged immigration minister Damian Green not to move forward with the introduction of stricter rules for student immigration into the UK . The committee has warned that more...

UK lures rich immigrants

12:14 22/03/2011
The UK has announced new visa rules which would allow wealthy foreign-born investors and entrepreneurs to gain permanent residence (properly known as indefinite leave to remain ) in the UK much more...

UK removes 8 occupations from Tier 2 visa skilled occupation list

9:20 16/03/2011
The UK government has announced that it will remove 8 occupations from Shortage Occupation List (SOL). If an occupation is on the shortage occupation list it is easier for an employer to employ a...

UK proposes tougher student visa requirements

14:27 10/12/2010
The UK has proposed stricter requirements for foreign students wishing to study in Britain . The proposals include creating tougher entrance criteria and make it more difficult for students to stay...

Scotland sends message to British Government: we need migrants

12:53 07/12/2010
Business leaders and industry organisations in Scotland have drafted a joint letter to UK Immigration Minister Damian Green stating that Scotland's economy would suffer under the new immigration cap...