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European Year for Workers Mobility

10:02 08/05/2006
2006 is the European Year for Workers' Mobility. 06 May was the EU Open Day, with many EU institutions open to the public for the day. EU Open Day was an opportunity to celebrate The European Year...

The US tops UN study on global immigration

12:38 06/04/2006
With the US locked in a nation wide immigration debate, latest figures reveal that the country has one-fifth of the world's immigrants within its borders. A report by the United Nations reveals that...

Pakistan initiates special visas for businesspeople upon arrival

19:50 14/03/2006
The Directorate General, Immigration & Passports, Ministry of the Interior of Pakistan has decided to establish facilitation desks at all International Airports for issuing visas to businessmen...

EU courts rule against Schengen ban

14:30 01/02/2006
Immigration databases blacklisting non-European nationals for security or criminal reasons must be in line with EU freedom of movement law, Europe's courts ruled this week. The European court of...

Few EU states implementing EU immigration legislation

10:10 24/01/2006
Only five governments have implemented key European immigration legislation aimed at giving rights to non-EU long-term residents. The status of third-country nationals was agreed by EU governments in...

Immigration increases UK population by over 1 million

12:46 02/09/2005
Immigration has boosted the UK's population by over one million since 1997, a new report says. According to think-tank Migrationwatch UK, net migration had added more than 1.2 million to the UK...