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European Commission

EU Commissioners say Europe needs more immigration

16:41 11/12/2010
Europe needs more immigration if it wishes to remain globally competitive, says two members of the European Commission. In an article penned by European Commissioners Cecilia Malmström and László...

EU to scrap visit visa requirements for Bosnia, Albania nationals

11:40 10/11/2010
The European Union has said that you will soon no longer need a visit visa to visit the EU if you are a national of Bosnia or Albania. It is hoped that this will encourage democratic reforms in the...

Switzerland: 25th signatory to the Schengen Agreement

11:55 17/12/2008
On 12 December, Switzerland added its name to the list of countries that have adopted the Schengen Agreement and In doing so became the 25th member of the group, which has no border controls for...

Spain: Highest immigration intake in the EU during 2007

15:48 26/11/2008
immigration in 2008, according to Spanish Labour Minister Jesus Caldera. According to El Pais, a major Spanish news outlet, a total of 702,000 immigrants came to Spain during 2007 -- largest intake...

Spotlight: The European Union Blue Card

15:24 21/11/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The idea for an EU-wide policy on skilled immigration was first introduced in 1999 but was put on ice in the aftermath of the Twin Towers terrorist attacks of...

US implements visa free travel policy for more EU states

17:56 18/11/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News From 17 November, 2008 citizens of six additional EU countries can travel to the United States without first obtaining a visa. The European countries which...