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European Commission

European Union needs skilled workers

16:26 18/05/2011
New research shows that the European Union risks being left behind in the global competition for skilled engineers and scientists. The study by BusinessEurope states that the inflow of graduates in...

India pushes European Union for highly skilled visas

18:11 10/03/2011
India is pushing for a free-trade agreement provision with the European Union which would provide 50,000 extra skilled visas for Indian workers, according to the Business Standard. Unfortunately, the...

EU wants to make intra-company transfers easier

10:22 19/01/2011
The European Commission (EC) wants to implement a common immigration policy directive which may make it easier for companies to bring in key-staff members from overseas on a temporary basis. The EU...

European Union needs skilled migrants

9:27 13/01/2011
The European Union and the EU business community are saying that the EU needs to increase skilled immigration and harmonize immigration procedures across the 27-member bloc if it is to deal with...

Common EU immigration policy rejected - Single Permit law

14:49 17/12/2010
The European Parliament rejected a draft Directive for a single permit law to simplify procedures for residence and work permits for legal immigrants in the European Union . The European Commission...

Austria announces new work visa for foreigners

17:40 11/12/2010
Austria has announced a "red-white-red" work permit card that will allow non-EU citizens to work in Austria. Austria is currently experiencing skills shortages. To gain entry to Austria under the new...