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Giuliano Amato

Italy may ease immigration laws

16:02 10/05/2007
• Watch This Video The Italian government recently passed a decree which, if approved by parliament, will ease the strict immigration policies that were approved by the previous conservative...

EU Ministers to discuss illegal immigration solution

15:05 02/10/2006
• Watch This Video Illegal immigration continues to be a sore spot in relations between EU member states as ministers from southern Europe prepare to meet for a brainstorming session on the topic...

EU launches marine border squad

13:54 07/08/2006
An EU rapid reaction team of border guards set up to deal with illegal immigration has begun work in Italy . Three officials from the EU's Frontex border agency arrived on the remote Mediterranean...

Italy offers citizenship to illegal immigrants after 5 years

16:20 07/07/2006
In a sharp departure from other EU nations over the past year, the new Italian government of Prime Minister Romano Prodi has announced that it will grant citizenship to immigrants that can document...

Illegal immigrants in Italy an ignored resource

15:24 04/07/2006
• Watch This Video It is thought that a majority of illegal immigrants in Italy are exploited in the black economy yet the government spends a significant amount of money every year in ineffective...

Italian interior minister urges changes to immigration law

13:30 21/06/2006
Changes are needed to Italy 's current immigration law because at present it is too difficult to gain entry to live and work in Italy , Italian Interior Minister Giuliano Amato said recently...