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Home Office

UK - Science and Engineering Graduates Scheme Delayed

18:12 22/06/2004
A proposal to introduce a new Science and Engineering Graduates' Scheme wasannounced in the Chancellor's Budget Report on 9 April 2004. The scheme will be aimed at encouraging non-EEA national...

UK - ECAA Applications Remain Suspended

15:40 19/06/2004
Senior civil servant Ken Sutton has released his report on the allegations of abuse relating to European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) visas made in Bulgaria and Romania by those nationals...

UK - Fees increase for work permits

18:46 17/06/2004
The Home Office has announced that on 2 July 2004, the fee for Work Permits and Sectors Based Scheme applications will be increased to £153. This is approximately a 50% increase on the current fee of...

UK - Announcement on FLR Applications

9:43 14/06/2004
The IND has announced that Work Permits (UK) are currently unable to process Further Leave to Remain (IED - Immigration Employment Document) applications on an expedited basis. If you are a client of...

UK - Delays to Further Leave to Remain (FLR)(IED) Applications

14:43 28/05/2004
The Home Office has announced today that applications made for further leave to remain immigration employment document applications are currently expected to take up to five (5) weeks to process. If...

Visa Services Restored for Bulgarians and Romanians

19:16 19/05/2004
It has just been announced by the Home Office Minister that thesuspension of visa services in Romania and Bulgaria have been lifted. From tomorrow, 20 May, visa offices in Sofia and Bucharest will...