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Home Office

UK to start regional skills lists for skilled immigration

13:08 19/05/2005
Under new plans agreed by the Home Office, every region in the UK will be able to publish a list of skills in short supply and it is up to the governing body in each region to decide on the contents...

Fact or fiction in the great UK immigration debate

10:31 26/04/2005
As immigration has become a hot topic in the UK, here are some key claims and some facts drawn from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the UK Labour Force Survey, and the...

UK Universities protest plan to raise visa costs

19:38 25/04/2005
Universities in the UK have reacted with anger to the government's attempt to raise overseas student visa prices during the election. Universities UK fears the new increase will make it harder for...

UK parties' views on immigration: a comparison

11:53 20/04/2005
In light of the upcoming elections in the UK and the important role immigration is likely to play, we bring you a look at what each party proposes on immigration controls, refugees, ID cards, and...

Immigration a key issue in UK elections

9:55 11/04/2005
The issue of immigration has been thrust into the spotlight in UK politics, with both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party calling for tighter immigration laws. Conservative Party leader...

Changes to UK Immigration Rules

19:40 06/04/2005
The Home Office announced a number of changes to Immigration Rules and Policy. As of 5 April 2005, China and the UK have approved a special Approved Destination Status (ADS) agreement, allowing...