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UK HSMP Applications - Processing Times

12:57 22/02/2005
Stated Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) processing times have risen during 2004 from approximately 3 months at the start of the year to 5-6 months now (Feb 2005). This increase in processing...

Fee increases likely for Home Office Immigration Applications

13:15 10/02/2005
It is likely that the Home Office fees for a number of immigration applications will go up from April 2005. This represents a huge increase in the fees charged by the Government for most types of...

Charges proposed to cut UK immigration appeals

18:06 04/02/2005
The UK Government will introduce fees to try to reduce the number of appeals made by immigrants over family reunion applications, the website This is London reported on February 4. According to...

Changes to UK Marriage and Partner Rules

19:38 03/02/2005
As from 1 February 2005, the rules for overseas nationals wishing to marry in the UK have changed. All overseas nationals who wish to marry in the UK (apart from EEA nationals) will now need a...

Labour MP- Halt on Immigration Needed

10:09 31/01/2005
Roger Godsiff, the Labour MP for Birmingham Sparkbrook and Smallheath called for an end to immigration, claiming Britain does not need any more foreign workers. Mr Godsiff, who represents a...

UK to attempt to reduce the number of asylum seekers

19:50 19/01/2005
UK immigration policies are to get an overhaul to deal with false asylum seekers and terror suspects, the BBC reports. In an interview with The Times newspaper, Britain's Home Secretary Charles...