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Spain to issue 2,700 work permits for Senegal migrants

11:40 12/11/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Spain and Senegal reached an agreement on 09 November 2007 which will grant an estimated 2,700 work permits for Senegalese workers seeking jobs in Spain . The...

Spain to increase immigration budget

17:00 10/10/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The Spanish government will spend an additional €321 million on immigration in 2008, according to Spanish Labour Minister Jesus Caldera. Spain's immigrant...

Jamaica inks deal to pre-screen immigrants from India

10:04 01/09/2006
The government of Jamaica has entered into an agreement with the government of India to set up a pre-screening program for persons seeking work in the tropical island nation. There have been serious...

Website not attracting NZ expats as hoped

10:59 10/04/2006
A major campaign by the New Zealand government using a website to entice expats to return home is experiencing falling visitor numbers. The site - - made headlines in December...

Australian treasurer stands by immigration policies

16:41 07/04/2006
The Australian opposition leader Kim Beazley opposed the Australian Government saying that it has increased the levels of skilled migration at the expense of training Australians and therefore had...

UK Labour Leader addresses EU on free labour market

16:08 06/04/2006
During the debated topic of free movement of workers in the European Parliament, Gary Titley Member of the European Parliament urged Europe to follow in Britain's footsteps and allow the migratory...