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Nurses take hospitals to US court for competitive pay

15:26 21/06/2006
In the middle of a critical shortage of nursing staff in the United States, it is being alleged that major hospital chains have been conspiring to depress salaries for nurses for years. A class-...

US engaged in illegal immigrant crackdown

9:55 16/06/2006
Over the past several weeks while debate has raged over immigration reform, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been engaged in a "massive operation" to identify, locate and arrest...

EU, US face information exchange stand-off

12:58 31/05/2006
U.S. authorities will be able to keep trawling through personal data on passengers flying from Europe, even though the European Union's highest court found problems recently with the accord that made...

US Supreme Court Allows Deportation of British Man

14:53 15/05/2006
• Media Center » Video Immigration News On Wednesday 10 May, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled to allow the Bush administration to deport a British man for breaking the law in Mississippi...

US Immigrant workers sue large food manufacturer

9:50 27/04/2006
The Immigrant Justice Project (IJP) has filed a lawsuit designed to force one of the US largest food providers to take responsibility for mistreatment of its workers. The class action was filed by...

EU courts rule against Schengen ban

14:30 01/02/2006
Immigration databases blacklisting non-European nationals for security or criminal reasons must be in line with EU freedom of movement law, Europe's courts ruled this week. The European court of...