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UK immigration force raids law firm in Yorkshire

12:24 25/10/2012
The UK Border Agency's Criminal and Financial Investigation team conducted a series of raids in Yorkshire on 23rd October 2012. Four people were arrested on suspicion of people-trafficking offences...

Arizona police introduce 'show me your papers' law

12:42 24/09/2012
On Tuesday 18th September 2012, a US district judge, Judge Susan Bolton, lifted an injunction blocking Arizona police from enforcing a controversial law aimed at illegal immigrants. The Law, part of...

Immigration policy moves to centre stage in US election campaign

17:46 24/08/2012
An advisor to Mitt Romney has launched a lawsuit attacking President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme, thereby making illegal immigration a hot election issue. Kris...

Australia targets new law at employers of illegal workers

15:37 23/08/2012
The Australian government has announced a consultation on draft legislation intended to protect the Australian labour market from firms which knowingly employ illegal labour. Chris Bowen MP, the...

US state legislature passed fewer immigration laws this year

17:54 10/08/2012
A new study has found that US state legislatures passed fewer immigration laws this year; lawmakers' priorities focused on balancing budgets. In addition US courts debated how much authority state...

Indian tech-giant Infosys faces new visa fraud lawsuit

13:03 10/08/2012
Indian outsourcing giant, Infosys Technologies, is being investigated by federal authorities over visa fraud and is facing a second lawsuit over alleged abuse of the US work visa system. A former...