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UK MP warns against immigration 'arms race'

19:12 09/04/2013
A senior UK MP has warned the leaders of the main UK political parties against getting involved in an 'arms race' in immigration policy. Keith Vaz MP, the chairman of the influential Home Affairs...

Bishop attacks UK politicians for anti-immigration rhetoric

14:34 27/03/2013
The Bishop of Dudley, the Right Reverend David Walker, has attacked UK politicians for greatly exaggerating problems caused by immigration. He told UK Sunday newspaper The Observer, 'The tone of the...

Cameron announces tough reforms to UK immigration

12:37 27/03/2013
David Cameron, the UK's Prime Minister, has made a speech on immigration in which he said that he intended to 'roll out the red carpet' for 'the right migrants' but at the same time also make...

Tier 2 Immigrant nurses face jobs freeze in UK's National Health Service

9:20 22/03/2013
The UK's Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has announced a freeze on the registration of nurses from outside Europe after an internal audit found that its systems for verifying qualifications of...

Poll shows UK split on immigration but in favour of limiting benefits

19:41 18/03/2013
A recent UK poll has shown that a majority of UK citizens believe that immigrants should have to pay tax in the UK before they can get social benefits in the UK or use the UK's free National Health...

UK minister blames high house prices on immigration

15:44 18/12/2012
The UK's Home Secretary, Theresa May, gave a speech at the Policy Exchange think tank in central London on 12th December 2012 in which she gave a summary of the progress that the UK's Coalition...