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Immigration Minister pens article in pamphlet on immigration

9:32 23/04/2007
• Watch This Video The Policy Network, and international think tank dedicated to "promoting progressive policies and the renewal of social democracy," has released a large pamphlet with many articles...

UK may compel foreigners to register identity data by 2008

19:25 20/12/2006
The UK government may force foreign nationals living in Britain to register their biometric data by 2008, aiming to curb illegal immigration and identity fraud costing £1.7 billion ($3.3 billion) a...

Medical care in UK attractive to foreign expecting mothers

10:58 15/12/2005
An investigation done by the BBC has found a growing number of women from overseas are travelling to Britain to give birth in British hospitals. The practice is costing some trusts hundreds of...

Some UK doctors allegedly involved in visa scam

11:10 12/09/2005
Some doctors in the UK are allegedly taking cash for issuing sponsorship certificates to foreign students. The doctors are selling sponsorship letters for up to £100 each, a Sunday Times...

UK immigration: Debate on immigration continues

19:41 07/03/2005
A new study claims that the British Government's statements about the benefits immigration brings to the country are exaggerated, reports The Telegraph newspaper. The report released by the...

Doctors Organisation criticizes higher UK immigration charges

15:47 23/02/2005
An upcoming rise in immigration application fees is likely todiscourage overseas doctors from coming to the UK, according to theBritish Medical Association (BMA). The British Governmentrecently...