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UK 'would fall apart' if immigrants left

19:36 07/05/2014
The UK would 'fall apart' if all immigrants currently living in the country decided to leave tomorrow, according to a well-respected London think-tank. Tim Finch, associate director of migration at...

British employers desperate for Romanians

11:56 05/03/2014
British employers are advertising for Romanians to come to the UK and fill job vacancies. The highest number of vacancies is in the health care sector. NHS trusts throughout the UK are seeking...

UK Prime Minister suppresses evidence that EU immigration is beneficial

15:08 23/01/2014
The UK's prime minister David Cameron has ordered that the release of a government report commissioned by the Home Secretary Theresa May should be delayed until after the European elections in May...

UK Immigration Act will introduce health charges for migrants

15:04 08/01/2014
A health minister in the UK government has announced that the UK is to introduce charges for health care for all migrants. Foreign nationals living in the UK, as well as UK nationals resident abroad...

MPs criticise plan to make landlords police UK immigration

14:55 21/11/2013
An influential committee of the UK's House of Commons has criticised a proposal in the government's immigration bill which would require landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants...

Immigrants to UK have contributed £25bn since 2000

16:21 12/11/2013
Analysis of government data by academics at University College London has shown that immigrants who came to the UK between 2000 and 2011 contributed £25bn to the UK economy. The research also showed...