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Australia cracking down on student visa violations

9:38 01/11/2011
Australian immigration authorities have cancelled 15,066 student visas in the past year; This is due to students violating the terms of their visa - an increase of 37 percent from 2009. The crackdown...

Dow Chemical CEO says Australian manufacturing sector needs immigration

13:59 09/10/2011
Dow Chemical CEO Andew Liveris says that Australia's manufacturing sector needs more highly skilled migrants; There will need to be changes to the Australian immigration rules to enable more skilled...

Writers, artists decry UK immigration rules

12:53 28/06/2011
Writers and artists are banding together to criticise changes to the UK points based immigration scheme which make it more difficult for writers, composers, and artists from outside the EU to come to...

Irish immigration to Canada increasing

17:39 03/03/2011
Canada is seeing an increasing number of Irish immigrant arrivals as Ireland continues to experience an economic downturn. A recent report by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI)...

Australian net immigration reductions

15:23 07/12/2010
Australia's rate of net immigration continues to fall as more people leave Australia and fewer people arrive. The number of permanent and long-term arrivals still outnumbers departures. However...

UK will relax immigration cap to help businesses

16:28 15/11/2010
According to the Daily Telegraph, UK Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to significantly increase the number of non-EU immigrant skilled workers allowed to enter the United Kingdom each month...