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UK offers asylum seekers money to return home

11:58 16/01/2006
The British government is to offer some asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants more cash to leave the country. The offer, of up to 2000 GPB ($3,500) per person, would run until the end of June and...

Indian IT workers lowering UK wages, says IT group

13:21 27/12/2005
Indian IT workers are flooding the UK , undercutting local wages and raising prospects of a homegrown skills shortage, an IT association has claimed. "Wages are being undercut by companies bringing...

Commonwealth citizens could lose right to UK visa

12:31 27/10/2005
The UK's proposed changes to its immigration rules could end the traditional entry and settlement rights of Commonwealth citizens with British relatives, a newspaper said. The Times daily said that...

East European immigrants transforming London

16:47 24/10/2005
Nearly a year and a half after the expansion of the European Union, waves of East Europeans have washed into Britain . The New York Times reports. They work as bus drivers, farmhands and dentists, as...

Australia's rural areas want Indian immigrants

13:06 09/09/2005
Troubled by skilled worker shortage, officials from Australia's country towns or rural areas are reportedly touring India to entice immigrants. The city council of Victorian town Ballarat recently...

Wall Street Journal calls for no limits to H-1B visas

18:20 29/08/2005
Within the last week, two US states along the border with Mexico - Arizona and New Mexico - have declared states of emergency due to soaring violence and human and drug smuggling connected to illegal...