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Canadian province targets rich immigrants

9:04 15/03/2005
Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada is pioneering a new way to attract skilled immigrants and business immigrants , the Toronto Star newspaper reports. Under Canadian law, provinces can set their own...

Australia immigration: Workers are needed from developed countries

15:46 11/03/2005
Labour force analysts say Australia must find workers from industrialized Countries to meet its need for skilled immigrants , the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reports. According to Varina Nissen,...

Norway seeks to deter asylum seekers

10:16 01/03/2005
Norway is to consider requiring large bank deposits from tourists coming from certain Countries in a bid to discourage asylum seekers from entering the Country, the newspaper Aftenposten reports...

Canada immigration: More funds for newcomers

9:11 25/02/2005
Canada's federal budget announced on February 23 includes increased funding to help immigrants settle into the country, reports The Globe and Mail newspaper. The budget released yesterday by Finance...

Australia immigration: guest workers scheme proposed

10:26 24/02/2005
Australia may bring in temporary unskilled workers to fill chronic labour shortages in some areas, the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reports. In a speech before the National Press Club on February...

Charges proposed to cut UK immigration appeals

18:06 04/02/2005
The UK Government will introduce fees to try to reduce the number of appeals made by immigrants over family reunion applications, the website This is London reported on February 4. According to...