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UK Home Office

Clarification to UK foreign investor visa rules

14:59 01/08/2005
The UK Home Office has clarified the amount of time that foreign investors settling in Britain are allowed to spend outside of the UK. The Home Office had ruled that people in the UK on the investor...

UK Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill criticized

19:51 25/07/2005
The latest Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill released by the UK Home Office has potential negative consequences, the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants announced last week. The Bill...

Changes to documentation for UK's HSMP

11:49 17/06/2005
Because of the potential for forgery, all documents provided for the UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme must be originals as of 15 July 2005. In the past, notarised copies of documents were accepted...

UK WRS individuals eligible for residence permit

11:22 03/05/2005
The UK Home Office has announced that individuals who have already registered on the Worker Registration Scheme, and have been working in the UK for 12 months can now apply for a residence permit...

Error on UK Government website creates HSMP confusion

13:56 11/04/2005
The "Times of India" reports that an error on the UK Home Office website has confused numerous highly-skilled migrant programme (HSMP) applicants, awaiting information on the status of their...

UK HSMP MBA Provision to start 12 April 2005

15:27 07/04/2005
The UK Home Office has announced that the MBA Provision, as part of the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP), will be launched on 12 April 2005. The MBA Provision is designed to attract skilled...