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Vince Cable

UK Immigration sees substantial increase in 2010

17:43 30/05/2011
2010 saw the greatest increase in UK immigration in five years. This is due to a big reduction in people leaving the UK and an increase in the number of Polish migrants coming to the UK. The net...

UK experiencing a shortage of engineers

19:33 16/02/2011
Ignacio Galan, the chief executive officer of Iberdrola SA, which owns Scottish Power Ltd has said recently that UK plans to develop renewable energy and improve power-generation and transmission...

UK Business Secretary calms Indian fears over immigration cap

13:43 17/01/2011
UK Business Secretary Vince Cable has attempted to calm fears of Indian business interests over the planned immigration cap set to take effect in April of 2011. Cable insists that the UK will remain...

UK Education sector worried; Possible student immigration decline

13:50 06/12/2010
Senior figures in the UK education sector are warning that indecision within the Government on changes to the Tier 4 student immigration program will harm the UK universities sector and the UK as a...

UK announces permanent skilled immigration cap: Tier 1 for the select few and an overall reduction in immigration

11:04 23/11/2010
The UK Government has announced a permanent cap of 21,700 on skilled immigration to take effect in April of 2011. Moreover, Tier 1 will be restricted to entrepreneurs , investors and 'exceptionally...

UK faces legal challenges in implementing migration cap

16:40 16/10/2010
A high court challenge is likely to cause problems for the UK's plans to implement a cap on immigration into the country. The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants and a number of businesses...