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Yvette Cooper

TNT Magazine campaigns for UK immigration reform

10:34 21/03/2013
TNT Magazine, a London-based free magazine aimed at Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans living in the UK is running a campaign for reform of the UK Border Agency (UKBA). It has set up an...

Labour's Cooper proposes alternative UK immigration policy

10:30 11/03/2013
Today, 7th March 2013, shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper delivered a speech acknowledging that the last Labour government made 'mistakes' on immigration and laying out the party's new position and...

UK opposition leader says immigration is 'too high'

19:36 08/10/2012
The leader of the United Kingdom's Labour Party Ed Miliband has given an interview to the BBC's lunchtime news programme The World at One. In an interview on Thursday 4th October 2012, the opposition...

UK Immigration response to 150,000 illegal immigrants 'missing' in the UK

16:52 10/07/2012
Following the release of a recent report claiming that UK Immigration doesn't know where 150,000 illegal migrants are located, the UKBA insists that they have a clear strategy to identify and remove...

New documents show extent of relaxed UK Immigration border checks

18:31 21/11/2011
There have been new developments in the UK Border Agency scandal. New documents further confirm the extent to which checks on UK visitors were relaxed; this includes allowing passengers of private...

UK Opposition Labour Party says their previous immigration policy was wrong

16:53 28/09/2011
The UK Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband has said that when the Labour Party was in power their immigration policy was wrong. Opposition leader Ed Miliband had the following to say: "We got it wrong in...