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Weekly News Update 18 June 2017

We hope that after the UK General Election and a Hung Parliament that the new Government will consider human rights more than has been the case in the past. The Home Office have tried to do things at times without considering human rights. With a strong opposition it is hoped that this will not continue (assuming that there is a new Conservative Government).

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Migration Watch suggests UK ‘brickie visa’ for EU workers ineligible for Tier 2 visa

With Brexit looming and Britain set to be gripped by a skills shortage upon exiting the European Union, Migration Watch has suggested a ‘brickie visa’ to plug skills gaps. According to a report compiled by the so-called independent, non-political immigration and asylum research organisation, Britain will be short of bricklayers and plumbers in 2019.

Unfortunately, these type of skilled trades occupations are not considered to be at a high enough skill level for the tier 2 visa scheme. It is also difficult, expensive and bureaucratic obtaining a tier 2 visa. The employer needs a Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence, probably needs to complete the Resident Labour Market Test and needs a certificate of sponsorship before being able to apply for a tier 2 visa.

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Expect US visa delays this summer foreign nationals warned due to Trump Extreme Vetting

Extreme vetting procedures and a high summer volume of US visa applicants will result in severe processing delays, US Consulates have warned. Foreign nationals face longer waiting times for US visa appointments at Consulates, as well as delays in the issuance of non-immigrant visas such as B1 and B2 visit visas, and H1B and L1 visas, while F1 student visas will also be affected.

US Consulates around the world attribute the delays to a series of strict vetting processes for some applicants, introduced by President Trump and his administration team. Meanwhile the summer months lead to an exodus of immigrants heading home, but needing to renew their US visa ahead of their return.

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US visa and immigration - America is home to more immigrants than any other nation on the planet, according to study

One-fifth of the world’s immigrant population lives in the USA, according to a new study published by the Pew Research Center. The study reveals that more than 40 million people currently residing in the US were born in another country, making America the most immigrant populated nation in the world. Many of these immigrants have green cards or US Ctiizenship.

An excerpt from the study says: “The number of foreign-born nationalsecalling the US ‘home’ hit a record 43.2 million in 2015. Ever since US immigration laws replaced a national quota system in 1965, the immigrant population living in America has more than quadrupled.”

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Trump administration claims of lower than minimum salary paid to overseas workers on US L1 visa

This has resulted in more scrutiny of the L1 visa by the Trump administration which is sure to set off alarm bells across the IT industry. Much of Trump’s recent focus has been on the H1B visa, but it would appear that the L1 visa scheme is now going to be closely monitored.

After throwing out the L1 visa petition, made by I-Corp, the USCIS moved to use the case as ‘policy guidance’ for all future applications made across the L1A and L1B visa categories. The White House has recently launched an attack on US temporary work visa schemes as part of Trump’s ‘Buy American, Hire American’ executive order.

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