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Immigration news

Australia - faster visa processing for tsunami survivors

10:43 07/01/2005
Australia's Department of Immigration is to prioritize the processing of temporary visas for people from areas affected by the Asian tsunami, the Australian national broadcaster the ABC reported...

US Green Card Lottery - Last Full Day for entries 6 January 2005

16:30 06/01/2005
Today is the last full day that you can apply for the DV 2006 Green Card Lottery. The entry period ends tomorrow 12 pm (Midday) US Eastern Standard Time 7 January 2005. This is 5pm GMT (Greenwich...

Australia - asylum numbers lowest in decade

16:25 06/01/2005
The number of people seeking asylum in Australia is the lowest in ten years, reports The Advertiser newspaper. According to the last official figures available, in 2002-2003 a total of 12,525...

Canada may further relax entry rules after tsunami

12:18 06/01/2005
Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin has announced that his government may make more concessions on family reunion migration for victims of the Asian tsunami, the newspaper The Globe and Mail reported...

US - H-2B visa cap filled up

18:40 05/01/2005
The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announcedJanuary 4 that it has received enough petitions to fill the allocationfor H-2B visas for this year. USCIS will not accept any morenew H-2B...

UK Student Visas - List of approved schools released

9:45 05/01/2005
The UK Department for Education and Skills (DfES) has published a list of educational establishments where nationals from countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) must study. The UK Home...