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Immigration news

Nearly 80% of new UK graduates in nursing face unemployment

12:00 30/06/2006
In a survey of 20 British universities, a stunning four out of five new graduates in nursing have been found to not have a job prospect available as they approach graduation at the end of this summer...

US Supreme Court rules against foreigner's rights

16:59 29/06/2006
In a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court of the United States decided this week that foreigners who have been arrested and are not told they have a right to contact their consulate for assistance may still...

Canada and entry of gay couples

11:43 28/06/2006
As well as the genuine applicants there have been reports of abuses of the immigration system by people claiming to be homosexual partners. A new trend in India is for men to claim to be homosexual...

UK needs 29,000 skilled plumbers by 2007

10:16 28/06/2006
Often when news regarding skills shortages are reported, overlooked occupations are not mentioned. For example, even though the official UK skills shortage list doesn't mention it, there is a need...

US immigration issues final rule for green card Affidavit of Support

17:13 27/06/2006
When applying for a U.S. green card , a person must have an Affidavit of Support. This is a document required by a green card applicant that any American citizen sponsoring them must submit. Usually...

US Supreme Court rules against long term illegal residency

14:34 27/06/2006
The United States Supreme Court handed down an opinion on 22 June, 2006 that allows long-term illegal residents to be deported under a 1996 law that became effective on 01 April, 1997. In an 8-1 vote...