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Immigration news

Australia, Bangladesh sign work and holiday visa agreement

13:37 09/03/2006
Australia's immigration department has announced that Bangladesh and Australia have signed a work and holiday agreement, allowing young professionals to work in each other's countries. University-...

Emotions high in US immigration debate

9:43 09/03/2006
Immigrants from around the US came together in Washington, D.C., yesterday to lobby for immigration reform, while Senator Hilary Clinton added her opinion to the debate during a speech in Washington...

UK's Blair reassures Indian students about points system

15:24 08/03/2006
UK Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke to Indian studens via a video conference link, assuring them that the new points-based immigration system would make it "easier and fairer" for them to work and...

Australia regional board helps employers hire immigrants

11:53 08/03/2006
Australia's Remote Area Planning and Development Board has launched a project to create awareness and improve access to skilled migration options. It has also established an online questionnaire for...

UK government reveals new immigration points system

18:19 07/03/2006
Details of the UK government's points-based immigration system have been revealed. The system is designed to make it easier for highly-skilled workers to enter the UK, but more difficult for those...

UK Lords reject controversial ID card bill

16:07 07/03/2006
In the UK , Tony Blair's government was defeated by the House of Lords on March 6 over the controversial issue of national identity cards. The peers voted by a majority of 61 to overturn the...