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Immigration news

EU and Africa meet to discuss migration problems

14:22 10/07/2006
Almost 60 European and African countries met July 10 in Rabat, Morocco for a major conference on immigration, following a radical rise of illegal migrants flowing to the EU from the south. European...

Australia needs more migrants to boost economy

14:08 10/07/2006
• Watch This Video Australia must increase its migrant intake to stop the economy from stagnating in coming years, a leading business information company says. IBISWorld said that without more...

UK student visas open to abuse via bogus language schools

10:43 10/07/2006
For more than two years, investigations and evidence have been mounting that some private language schools being set-up in Britain are nothing more than fronts to exploit loopholes in immigration law...

Italy offers citizenship to illegal immigrants after 5 years

16:20 07/07/2006
In a sharp departure from other EU nations over the past year, the new Italian government of Prime Minister Romano Prodi has announced that it will grant citizenship to immigrants that can document...

UK to change Skills Shortage Occupations for nurses, 14 August

14:12 07/07/2006
• Watch This Video As previously reported , obtaining a visa or work permit for foreign-born nurses to travel to the UK just became more problematic. The Home Office announced last week they would be...

UK may have over 500,000 East European immigrants

13:26 07/07/2006
Originally, Britain estimated that the inclusion of ten new member states to the EU would result in approximately 15,000 new immigrants each year. For this reason, it was decided that the UK would...