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Immigration news

Mexican president's solution to Canada's labour shortage

17:16 29/03/2006
The Mexican President Vincente Fox has offered Canada a solution to the labour shortages it is experiencing, due in part to its aging population. The president of Mexico did not give too much away,...

UK's new ILR changes just around the corner

10:55 29/03/2006
The UK Home Office wants all permanent residence (ILR) application forms to be submitted by March 31. The Office announced important changes in Immigration Rules, earlier this month. The changes will...

Overseas labour exert positive economic impact in study

10:52 29/03/2006
A study by ING bank in small and medium sized firms in Flanders, the Netherlands and Poland revealed that overseas workers exert a positive economic impact. The study by ING investigated four forms...

Immigrants happy to work for lower wages in Ireland

12:08 28/03/2006
What was once true of the Irish when settling in the US, and working for reservation wages, seems to have done a full circle with Eastern Europeans doing the same now in Ireland Irish employers are...

Thousands march in US to protest new immigration laws

19:50 27/03/2006
In the largest demonstration in California's history, well over half a million people marched through downtown Los Angeles on Saturday March 25, in defence of immigrant rights and to protest the...

Sri Lankan girl given UN Refugee Status after NZ deportation

19:47 27/03/2006
A Sri-Lankan teenager who was refused aslum by the New Zealand governement and deported in handcuffs under heavy sedation has been granted refugee status by the United Nations. The young woman was...