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Immigration news

UK Home Office's processing dates as of September 6th

16:44 06/09/2004
Information about cases currently under consideration by the UK Home Office's Immigration and Nationality Directorate as of September 6th, 2004. Category: Leave to Remain applications sent to ATOS...

New Zealand - NZIS lowers pass mark to 100 points

15:57 01/09/2004
For the first time since the new skilled migrant programme was launched in December 2003, the New Zealand Immigration Service has lowered the pass mark to 100 points. This means that people who score...

UK - ECAA Visas for Bulgarians and Romanians Resumed

13:45 01/09/2004
The British Embassies in Bucharest, Romania and Sofia, Bulgaria have announced that visa applications under the European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) will resume from 1 September 2004...

US - H-1B cap almost filled for FY2005

9:33 31/08/2004
The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that it had received 40,000 H-1B applications toward the FY2005 cap as of 4 August 2004. Approximately 21,000 applications...

Further details on English language requirements for UK naturalisation

14:17 26/08/2004
The Home Office has recently released guidance notes concerning the new requirement for naturalisation applicants to provide evidence of sufficient knowledge of the English language when making an...

Sharp increase of new EU workers to Ireland

11:57 24/08/2004
The Irish government released figures earlier this month that show that there has been a sharp rise in the number of workers from new EU member states seeking work in Ireland since 1 May 2004. The...