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Immigration news

Polish and Estonian students can use Australia's eVisa program

9:18 05/04/2005
Estonian and Polish students are now able to apply for Australian Student eVisas online which will make it much easier for nationals of these Countries to obtain student visas. The entry criteria has...

UK Home Office announces new targets for visa processing times

19:54 04/04/2005
Work Permits UK has announced its targets for how long it should take to process various types of visas. The new standards are as follows: Work Permits and Sector Based Scheme (SBS) WP (UK) aims for...

Son of Margaret Thatcher denied US visa

19:17 04/04/2005
Mark Thatcher, son of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, was denied a visit visa to enter the US and visit his family. Thatcher called it a result of his guilty plea involving a coup...

UK immigration provision for MBA graduates

17:57 04/04/2005
The UK Government is launching in April 2005 its new provision for graduates of the top 50 business schools (below) to work in the UK for up to 12 months upon completion of their MBAs. This provision...

Most Europeans may soon need to apply for US visit visas

14:17 04/04/2005
Many Europeans will need to apply for a visit visa to visit America later this year after the US Congress said that there was little chance of postponing a deadline for the introduction of biometric...

Big increase in UK Home Office immigration fees

19:45 01/04/2005
UPDATE: This news item is out of date. The Home Office has increased the fees as of 01 April 2007. Please see the the article we posted detailing the new Home Office fees . There is a significant...