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Immigration news

Immigration benefits Australia

18:59 01/04/2005
The Australian Department for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs reports that on 31 March 2005 Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, Peter McGauran spoke to the...

US H-1B Visa Applications can now be submitted

11:08 01/04/2005
If you wish to submit an H-1B Visa petition with a start date of 1 October 2005 or later you may submit anapplication from today 1 April 2005. However, you should not submitapplications under the...

Changes for Australian employers seeking overseas workers

10:02 01/04/2005
Australia 's Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs ("DIMIA") have announced legislative changes effective April 2005. The changes relate to the sponsoring of overseas...

Work Permits UK to limit number of reviews of refused applications

9:15 31/03/2005
Work Permits UK announced on 23 March 2005 that from 4 April 2005 you will only be allowed a maximum of two reviews of refused work permit and HSMP applications. WorkPermits UK will undertake a full...

US Immigration will not be discussed at summit

17:49 23/03/2005
Immigration to the US will not be officially discussed at a meeting of North American leaders despite earlier plans, the Washington Times reports. US President George Bush, Mexican President Vincente...

Minister defends new UK immigration policies

16:38 21/03/2005
UK Home Secretary Charles Clarke has said the Government's recently announced five-year plan will give the Country an immigration system "fit for the 21st century," the website reports...