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Immigration news

UK chefs occupational guidance updated

17:49 22/06/2006
UK caseworkers will use a newly updated guidance document to process work permit applications for Chef occupations. The old guidance is still in effect throughout July, but after 02 August, 2006 the...

UK PD1 application for post-graduate doctors & dentists

14:28 22/06/2006
A new category and accompanying application form (the PD1) for post-graduate doctors and dentists is required for Post-Graduate Doctors and Dentists who wish to work in training jobs. Previously, an...

US Republican party shuts down immigration reform debate

13:28 22/06/2006
The on-going debate on immigration reform for the United States took a nasty partisan turn this week as the controlling conservative faction dug in its heels on several points. "There will be no path...

US Senate blocks minimum wage increase

13:07 22/06/2006
Since 1997 there have been nine attempts in the US Senate to increase the minimum wage for working class people in America. Wednesday marked the ninth time that such a stand-alone proposal has been...

Expat Community in Latvia

18:05 21/06/2006
Latvia , formerly part of the Soviet Union, is becoming an increasingly important destination for British holidaymakers and is one of the most popular places for Stag Nights. The expat community in...

Nurses take hospitals to US court for competitive pay

15:26 21/06/2006
In the middle of a critical shortage of nursing staff in the United States, it is being alleged that major hospital chains have been conspiring to depress salaries for nurses for years. A class-...