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Immigration news

Britain to have ID cards in two years

15:30 14/02/2006
Millions of British citizens will be required to hold an identity card and have their biometric details placed on a central database, after the government blocked an effort to stop the plan on Feb...

New rules for under-18 visitors to UK

10:45 14/02/2006
The United Kingdom has changed immigration rules to safeguard children below 18 who wish to travel to the UK. Now, all applicants below the age of 18 must show that they had a parent or guardian who...

US tech industry pushes for more H-1B visas

14:18 13/02/2006
President Bush's recent call for more visas for skilled foreign workers increases the likelihood that relief is on the way for U.S. technology firms that say they are struggling to fill key positions...

Opinion: the catch-22 of US immigration policy

11:10 13/02/2006
This article appeared in the Washington Post, and is an opinion piece written by two lawyers. Stacy Caplow is a professor and director of the Safe Harbor Project at Brooklyn Law School. Lauren...

Croatian workers spark Union anger in Australian city

19:37 10/02/2006
A team of Croatian tradesmen brought to Adelaide, Australia to work on short-term contracts has sparked a row over the use of foreign labour in Australia. The 35 workers have been employed by a...

UK landlord jailed for breaches of immigration law

19:08 10/02/2006
The BBC reports this week that one UK landlord who provided housing for immigrants has been jailed for a year. Michael Nevin, 36, of West End, Penwortham, Lancashire, admitted 25 charges of...