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Immigration news

OECD releases immigration statistics report for 2004

13:26 09/06/2006
The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released its International Migration Outlook report for 2004. An estimated 3 to 3.5 million immigrants achieved official long-...

New quota for UK food manufacturing work permits

11:11 09/06/2006
A new work permit quota for the Sectors Based Scheme Food Manufacturing sector was agreed to and became effective as of 01 June, 2006. The new quota is now set at 1,840 total work permits and is...

UK closes loophole in immigration process

12:39 08/06/2006
First discovered six years ago, a loophole that allows immigrants to illegally use a fabricated National Insurance number toward their residency process has now been closed down. Individuals who wish...

Bushs continuing attempts to change US immigration system

11:05 08/06/2006
New arrivals to this country (U.S.) must adopt American values and learn English, President Bush said June 8, pushing anew for his proposal to overhaul immigration rules. To gain passage during this...

New UK Home Office Immigration Application Forms

9:32 07/06/2006
As of June 22 applications for extension of stay, indefinite leave and transfer of condition and no time limit applications will have to be made on new forms. Production of the new form is a little...

UN Population Commission issues report on migration

18:14 06/06/2006
The Population Commission of the United Nations concluded its session with a five-page report on international migration and immigration issues. The resolution (document E/CN.9/2007/L.5) was...