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Immigration news

More and more Brits choosing Australia

13:24 08/02/2006
More immigrants arrived to settle in Australia in 2005 than in any year since the 1980s. The British led the way, with 21,780 of them leaving last year to settle in Australia. The number of British...

Australia may cut visas for low-skilled tech workers

18:06 07/02/2006
Australia's Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone is considering measures to cut the number of less-skilled technology workers entering Australia. Senator Vanstone is looking at ways to better define...

Australia targets India in search for skilled immigrants

18:37 06/02/2006
The state government of Victoria in Australia is seeking skilled Indians. "We are now following a very proactive strategy to attract skilled Indian immigrants to our state. This is because of the...

New Zealand annual immigration figures down

14:52 06/02/2006
The net inflow of migrants to New Zealand dropped to 7000 last year, the weakest result since 2000 and less than half 2004's gain of 15,100. But December's figures, reported by Statistics New Zealand...

France considers immigration overhaul

13:28 06/02/2006
France's interior minister will submit a draft law this week that proposes an immigration system that would reward skilled and educated applicants, and make it easier to expel unwanted foreign...

Rural Canada gaining more immigrants

10:53 06/02/2006
Rural communities in Manitoba, Canada are experiencing immigration growth, despite recent statistics showing a marked decrease in Manitoba's population. In the first three quarters of 2005, 17,867...