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Immigration news

European Year for Workers Mobility

10:02 08/05/2006
2006 is the European Year for Workers' Mobility. 06 May was the EU Open Day, with many EU institutions open to the public for the day. EU Open Day was an opportunity to celebrate The European Year...

Illegal immigration and undocumented workers in America

10:45 05/05/2006
The topic of illegal immigrant workers has recently become a high-profile topic in American politics and news. Characterizing this issue as having only two sides may not give a full picture of the...

The US dollar loses substantially in one week

10:26 05/05/2006
Since the last week of April, the United States dollar has suffered a dramatic decline against many of the big international currencies. There are several factors involved, but most prominent are a...

France may tighten immigration rules

18:12 03/05/2006
The French parliament is set to discuss the approval of a new immigration bill which would make it harder for foreigners to work in France. The proposals, drawn up by French Interior Minister Nicolas...

New Zealand looks after its interests

14:46 03/05/2006
The New Zealand government wants to modernize and simplify the legislation to establish a fair and fast decision-making process to protect the country's interests. There are, however, plenty of...

New UK Worker Registration Scheme Form

10:45 03/05/2006
If you are a national of one of the new EU Countries from one of the former Eastern Bloc Countries you will normally need to come under the Worker Registration Scheme . The number of people coming to...