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Immigration news

US looks abroad for nurses, especially to Philippines

14:41 06/03/2006
The Christian Science Monitor this week reports on the serious nursing deficit in the United States . The joke circulating among doctors in the Philippines goes something like this: What's the new...

Australia skilled migrants to be able to bring same-sex partners

14:35 06/03/2006
Skilled migrants to Australia will soon be able to sponsor same sex partners to come to Australia, Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone said. She said citizens and permanent residents can currently...

Fewer South Koreans choosing to immigrate

9:13 06/03/2006
Fewer South Koreans are choosing to immigrate from South Korea, due mainly to the country's economic development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said on March 6. A total of 8,277 citizens...

New Zealand turns to Germany for IT workers

18:38 03/03/2006
The New Zealand Department of Labour has announced it will be hunting for skilled workers willing to move to New Zealand. The recruitment campaign will take place at CeBIT, the world's largest...

US Senate begins immigration reform debate

15:08 03/03/2006
The much awaited debate in the US Senate on immigration reform has begun. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold executive business meetings to consider the immigration reform bill proposed by...

Malawians now need UK visitor visas

13:12 03/03/2006
Nationals of the African nation of Malawi need visas to visit Britain as of March 1, 2006, the UK government said. Home Office minister Tony McNulty said visas are being introduced because of a...