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the Guardian

Inspector condemns UK immigration's failures in asylum cases

19:30 26/11/2012
The UK's chief inspector of immigration John Vine has released an extremely critical report which accuses the UK Border Agency (UKBA) of incompetence, inefficiency, poor customer service, a lack of...

UK academic attacks government's 'populist' immigration policy

16:30 21/11/2012
A leading academic has written a letter to the prestigious Financial Times newspaper complaining that the UK government's immigration policy is damaging the higher education sector. Professor James...

UK's National Union of Students calls for end to police registration

18:29 04/10/2012
The National Union of Students has called for an end to the requirement for students to register with police before they begin their courses. It is the start of the academic year in the UK and the...

Immigration Advisory Service closure - Reminder to IAS Clients

15:48 17/08/2011
Thousands of people pursuing asylum and immigration cases were left without support after the Immigration Advisory Service (IAS) charity went into unannounced administration on 8 July 2011. This...