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Home Office

UK to attempt to reduce the number of asylum seekers

19:50 19/01/2005
UK immigration policies are to get an overhaul to deal with false asylum seekers and terror suspects, the BBC reports. In an interview with The Times newspaper, Britain's Home Secretary Charles...

Tougher UK immigration marriage rules soon

12:53 07/01/2005
Spouses of British Citizens and of permanent residents from outside the European Union who wish to remain in the UK on the basis of marriage will face more rigorous requirements to show that their...

UK - Home Secretary resigns

19:50 16/12/2004
UK Home Secretary David Blunkett resigned on Dec. 15 following accusations of his involvement in fast-tracking a visa application for his ex-lover's nanny. e-mail correspondence suggest that Mr...

UK - Home Secretary David Blunkett to be investigated

18:12 01/12/2004
Home Secretary David Blunkett finds himself on thin ice asinformation about his ex-lover's nanny's fast tracked visa applicationhits the news in a big way. Blunkett says he is not guilty of any...

UK - Home Office announces temporary changes for job switchers

14:01 30/11/2004
People holding a work permit who are changing employment will be able to start working for a newemployer on the strength of the work permit permission letter grantedto the new employer providing they...

UK - Home Secretary speaks about migration

11:24 30/11/2004
David Blunkett, Home Secretary to the UK, says he is ready to takeactions against exploitation of foreign workers. Blunkett is alsoquestioning the parliamentary opposition, which would like to see...