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Home Office

UK visas to take longer for some in Africa

9:42 18/10/2005
From 17 October 2005, it will take longer to process a UK visa when applications are made at Posts that are now carrying out fingerprint checks. Some visa applicants could wait for up to seven days...

A look at Eastern European immigration in the EU

10:36 21/09/2005
Having opened the door to immigrants from the new EU member states, what are the results in the UK, Ireland and Sweden? Eastern European workers are most likely to choose to immigrate to the UK,...

UK woman wears wedding gown to protest deportation

18:01 20/09/2005
A UK woman caught in a fight over her husband's deportation will lead a demonstration of asylum seekers' wives dressed in bridal gowns on the first day of Parliament in October. Heather Bullen, 32,...

Some UK doctors allegedly involved in visa scam

11:10 12/09/2005
Some doctors in the UK are allegedly taking cash for issuing sponsorship certificates to foreign students. The doctors are selling sponsorship letters for up to £100 each, a Sunday Times...

UK supports managed migration: statement

18:33 08/09/2005
The Home Office, Confederation of British Industries and the Trades Union Congress issued a joint commitment to support managed migration in the interests of the UK economy. The statement says: The...

UK increases fee for Worker Registration Scheme

9:38 07/09/2005
The fee for enrolment in the UK's Workers Registration Scheme (WRS) will increase from £50 to £70, starting from 1 October 2005. The Home Office said this change will ensure that the full cost of...