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Home Office

UK - Home Secretary speaks about migration

11:24 30/11/2004
David Blunkett, Home Secretary to the UK, says he is ready to takeactions against exploitation of foreign workers. Blunkett is alsoquestioning the parliamentary opposition, which would like to see...

UK - Increase in Eastern European Migrants following EU Expansion

11:13 10/11/2004
Since EU expansion, 91,000 people from the new member states haveregistered to work in Britain. The amount of people registered hassurpassed the Home Office expectations by far. Shadow HomeSecretary...

UK - Home Office processing times as of Oct. 27

19:30 01/11/2004
A work permit application in the UK could take up to 24 weeks at the moment. Depending on what sort of work permit is applied for the waiting time could be reduced to three weeks. Employers seeking...

UK - Immigration Service Fees set to increase

10:22 08/09/2004
The Home Office has announced that fees for work permit and other leave to remain applications will be increased beginning April 2005 in order to save UK taxpayers approximately £100 million in 2005-...

Further details on English language requirements for UK naturalisation

14:17 26/08/2004
The Home Office has recently released guidance notes concerning the new requirement for naturalisation applicants to provide evidence of sufficient knowledge of the English language when making an...

UK Science and Engineering Graduate Scheme & ECAA Applications

16:21 23/07/2004
As part of the major announcement by Home Secretary Blunkett on reforms to managed migration programmes in the UK yesterday, some positive measures were also introduced. To take advantage of the...