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Sports stars frustrated by UK work permit decisions

10:57 30/08/2005
In the UK ,the Liverpool football teams's failure to obtain a work permit forChilean footballer Mark Gonzalez earlier this month again highlightedthe unpredictable process of getting UK work permits...

Asylum applications to UK down by 21% from last year

9:49 24/08/2005
The number of asylum applications to the UK has dropped, but the UK government said it is not removing failed applicants from the country fast enough. There were 6,220 asylum applications to Britain...

New information concerning UK Leave to Remain applications

16:55 19/08/2005
Occasionally, UK immigrants may be required to submit a leave to remain (LtR) application before the outcome of the work permit (WP) or Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) application. In...

UK immigration holding centres are inadequate: report

18:17 16/08/2005
Facilities at four short-term immigrant holding centres in the UK have been condemned as "inadequate" by a group that monitors the country's prisons. Dover Asylum Screening Centre, a centre at London...

Scotland's Fresh Talent plan angers English universities

14:56 15/08/2005
Some English colleges and universities are upset about the success of Scotland's Fresh Talent Initiative . Higher education institutions in England believe the Scottish Executive's Fresh Talent...

UK's HSMP has new reviews request form

14:16 10/08/2005
If your Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) application was refused by the Home Office, a new Reviews Request Form is now available. Individuals seeking a review of their application should...