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UK's Heathrow expands Iris Recognition Immigration System test

16:40 13/03/2006
The UK's Heathrow Airport has extended its use of iris-scanning technology to speed up immigration checks. The Iris Recognition Immigration System (IRIS) is currently being tested at the airport as...

Home Office updates UK switching rules

16:05 09/03/2006
The Home Office have updated the UK switching rules and are now as shown below. Switching into work permit employment Nationals from non-European Economic Area (EEA) countries may apply to switch...

UK government reveals new immigration points system

18:19 07/03/2006
Details of the UK government's points-based immigration system have been revealed. The system is designed to make it easier for highly-skilled workers to enter the UK, but more difficult for those...

Malawians now need UK visitor visas

13:12 03/03/2006
Nationals of the African nation of Malawi need visas to visit Britain as of March 1, 2006, the UK government said. Home Office minister Tony McNulty said visas are being introduced because of a...

Siemens wins UK immigration contract

19:55 23/02/2006
The UK's Immigration and Nationality Directorate has welcomed back an IT supplier that was at the centre of its previous computer failures. The Home Office commissioned Siemens Business Services to...

UK to heighten and automate border security by 2014

14:24 17/02/2006
Around 200 million passengers passed through UK airports in 2003 - and if growth continues as predicted, by 2030 as many as 600 million passengers will pass through UK airports each year. As a result...